NDX 30

NDX: Tradeable Cryptocurrency Index

Introducing the NDX cryptocurrency market index. An NDX token represents the non-weighted average value of the 30 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Important Update for September 4th 2017

In the short period of time NDX has been public it has generated massive interest from the crypto community. The idea of a tradeable index for cryptos is now a popular, proven idea. But bringing it to market responsibly is more important than doing it quickly. Legal and regulatory concerns must be addressed. And new features will be added. In order to make these things happen, ownership of the NDX project is returning to the original investor who came up with the idea.

In the interim, new Buy orders for NDX tokens have been paused. All recent Buy orders have been refunded and existing users can still login to their wallets to send and receive NDX tokens as usual. We are able to refund all previous NDX orders at the initial buy order rate. We are proud to report that no NDXtoken.org user has ever lost their initial investment in NDX!

Over the next few weeks and months the following changes will be made before NDX re-debuts:
1. NDX will be able to be bought and sold directy on NDXtoken.org.
This will provide users a liquid market for NDX tokens.
2. NDX will be divisible up to 8 decimal places.
This will allow users to buy small, fractional amounts of NDX tokens (like Bitcoin).
3. NDX will consist of the top 10 ranked cryptos on coinmarketcap.com.
This will ensure lower ranked, more volatile coins have less impact on the index.
4. NDX will be weighted based on the market cap of the underlying cryptos.
This will ensure small scam and pump & dump coins don't influence the price of the index.

Contact support@ndxtoken.org with questions.


Just as the Dow Jones Industrial Average offers stock market participants a value index composed of the 30 largest publicly traded companies, the NDX token offers cryptocurrency market participants a value index composed of the 30 largest cryptocurrencies. It's the perfect entry point for crypto investors seeking broad market exposure to the top 30 cryptocurrencies. NDX tokens can be bought with Bitcoin and PayPal. They can be sent to other wallets instantly, anonymously, and untraceably.

We designed NDX to be simple, fast, efficient, and secure. Complexity is the biggest hindrance to mass cryptocurrency adoption. Many crypto concepts like public-key cryptography, blockchains, miners, protocols, hashing algorithms, etc, are too complex for the general public. Put simply, most people don't understand it. But we don't think someone should have to be a cryptographer or tech savvy programmer to invest in the growing digital currency market. That's just one of the reasons we created the NDX token.


NDX tokens can be bought in seconds with Bitcoin or PayPal. NDX tokens can be sent instantly without having to deal with lengthy public addresses or burdensome blockchains.


NDX tokens bought with Bitcoin or PayPal are deposited to wallets within 24 hours. NDX tokens sent to other wallets are instant, anonymous, and untraceable.


Cryptocurrency price data is provided by the most trusted pricing site in the industry:
Quote prices are updated every 30 minutes.


All website communication is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption. Wallets are password protected and human verified via advanced risk analysis and adaptive CAPTCHAs.